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I am back. I have been super busy lately and have sworn off forums for the most part so I have been focusing on building cars a lot more and tuning rather than fighting with E retards.

Well I guess a short run down of what the deal is with me.  I have been tuning as usual but I also have been helping put some cars together for people at the shop and out of state.


I am currently wiring a Mazda RX-8 that has a 20b and a GT4094.  It has been quite the task but is coming along swimmingly. I think just a couple more months and it should be up and running.  Pretty cool deal.  I will take some pictures of it and write a seperate blog about it some other time.


Here are 2 cars that I just did in New Mexico last week.  Both were super clean and very fast:

Now onto the other stuff, dyno sheets:


Silver Evo 8:

This car is an Evo 8 with a 2.3l and Cosworth Head. Turbo is an HTA 86. Very fast car for sure.  This was done on E-85 and can probably get close to 800whp with closer to 40psi.


Evo 9:


This Evo is  a normal GT35R and a 2.3l stock head with some cams.  This is on just 91 crap octane.  Really smooth power band and the car ran great.


Both of these cars were tuned on the AEM EMS.


Well I hope to be back soon with some updates of the RX8 and the Audi R8 I have to tune next week. Maybe one day Pigeon Jon will make a guest apperance once he stops beating his bags.


Jon after 10 hours of playing Final Fantasy 300

Jon after 10 hours of playing Final Fantasy 300

Thanks for reading,


Mitch Mckee

Pigeon Jon AKA Danny dont do that AKA wheres my whisky AKA Peter Parkers little sister


VE Engineering


Holy Shit!!! A new blog from VE!!

Hello Hello,

It has been awhile for sure.  I have not been on here in a minute to update the blog.  So much has happened I dont even know where to begin.

Well first off in my personal life I have been working out a ton and in the best shape I have been in a long time.  Hooray for running.

Anyways most of the 5 people reading this don’t give a shit about my personal life and/or appearance so I will get onto some car stuff.

I have been testing turbos with Geoff from Full Race a bit when I get a free second ( which I don’t get often lol).  I will post the results as soon as we are done so stay tuned for that.

Pigeon Jon AKA Terry Tate’s Taint has come and gone a couple times to help out and is busy with school in Colorado, the home of hairy chicks.

My Subaru is getting built as soon as I figure out if I am getting kicked out of my house ( long story) and then it is getting to get sold.  I think next on the build list is a 1976 Caddy on bags.  Why you ask?  Just to be different.  I have been building turbo 4 and 6 cylinders for just about 10 years non stop and want to drive something a little different for a minute.

Ohhhhhh and guess what this is:

Yes an F1 car.  Now mix that with this:

What do you get???????? Me going to the Monaco Grand Prix this year.  I don’t know what I did to be able to deserve this but I must have done something right, or be good at what I do to go for free, well almost free.

Should be a good time and I am stoked.  Got tickets for the race, go to the Cannes Film Festival and maybe make it to Germany to say whats up to my peep Chico, The Mad Mexican at Nur.

Stay tuned I promise I will update this a bit more often.  For those of you in the dark check the site http://www.veeengineering.com and jump on the forum and say hi.  Not on much as I have been super busy but I will have a little free time this week as I will be in Colorado attending a funeral.

That is all for now,


Pigeon Jon AKA Flacid Flute Loops AKA Froggy Style AKA Terrance the Trout

Jons Senior Picture

Jons Senior Picture


VE Engineering

Well it has been awhile.  I have been busy and we have been getting our new site and forums up.

So if you get a chance go and check it out and register and start chatting.

http://www.veengineering.com  or tuneordie.com

Thanks and I hope everyone had a good New Year.

Mitch Mckee


FP Red Turbo, Cosworth Long Block HOOOO RAAAYYY!!!

Hello All,

Well this has been a crazy week for us here at VE.  We have been breaking in engines and tuning cars and it is almost over thank god.

But yesterday we did a car that I wanted to share with people.  Vivid did a full build on this car and it was gangster.  I dont have finished pics but the body kit was from a company that starts with a V and ends in Oltex.  Murder she wrote.

Anyways who cares about the way a car looks anyways.  ( Well I do)  On to the power.

I tuned this car on the stock Ecu and the car had the following list of mods:

Cosworth 2.2L stroker Longblock

Cosworth M3 Mivec Cams ( Murder)

FP Red

1200cc injectors

91 octane

This car had a cat in it which I was not thrilled about but what could I do.  But the car came out awesome anyways.  I really like Cosworth stuff BTW.  Everytime I have done a head or motor the cars just have a different tone to them and make great power.  Rock on Cosworth.

Dyno Sheet:



Car feels awesome on the road.  I think the customer is going to go to E-85 and really start to crush skulls with this setup.  Look out people cause this car will damage 90% of the cars on the road.

Anyways that is all for now. Have fun and be safe.

Jon and his Prom Date

Jon and his Prom Date

Thanks for reading,

Mitch Mckee

Jon H AKA Sally Sleeps Sideways AKA Danny the Dinosaur AKA The turtle that didn’t beat the hare.



It is time to start the GTR project.

I really did not know how I was going to react to the new GTR.  I saw one at a time attack ( COBBS) and it looked neat and all that but I was a little skeptical of the overall performance that everyone was claiming.  Everytime I read about it or saw them on track they just seemed to defy laws of physics.  How can they be that god damned fast?  Then I told myself they can’t be THAT fast.

Well fuck,…………I was wrong.

This thing is fucking bad.  I dont usually cuss in my posts but fuck this thing is bad.

GTR is kuwl

GTR is kuwl

So it came out and just crushed my dreams.  First pull I got out of the pull cause it pulled so hard and so fast stock.  Thing is no joke.  This dyno reads really low.  Like 160hp for a WRX and 230 for an STI.  I had to rerun this car and test some different settings cause I just could not believe that this thing made as much power as it did.  But here is the final no bullshit number.

Pretty fucking nuts ehhhh?  God damn this thing eats babies out of there beds it is that bad.

A video?

Check it out kiddys.  Have fun and as always thanks for looking.

Jon and his Sister

Jon and his Sister

Mitch Mckee

Pigeon Jon AKA Harry Hold Me Harder AKA Franklin Folicle AKA Wally Waldorf


2008 STI Tune


It has been a while and I have a good amount of stuff to update but we will start with this one thing for now.

I have some big things happening in the next week so please keep checking back and follow the chronicles of the VE Engineering crew.  One of them involves tuning of something that does not drive. I will leave that up to your imagination.

Also trying to work on a totally new website so keep an eye out for that.  It will be ten times better than it was before.  No more Fisher-Price “My First Website.”

Anyway on to what I was saying Jon and I had a rough night thursday night involving Saki, so I decided to make Friday an easy day and start building my 2008 STI maps.  I have been able to tune Cobb now so I worked with a friend of mine on getting his car all set up and tuned.

This car from the factory made great power.  I have never seen any Subaru ever dyno this high but this thing did really well.

As some of my faithful readers know these cars have to get tunes on them as soon as you do ANY aftermarket part for performance.  The pistons, like on the 2007 STI, blow dudes.  They are super weak yet again and that makes tuning them a blast.  You have to keep them a tad rich and they can not show any detonation, IE- Lower timing numbers.  So get a tune if you are doing putting exhausts or anything on as it can take a motor down if you dont.

I did an initial tune going off the basic Cobb Stage 1 map and it turned out great.  Another quick point,  Cobb is a fantastic company.  They have top notch support and there product works great.  To top it off they are a good bunch of guys.

Anyways take a look:

2008 STI Dyno before and after

2008 STI Dyno before and after

The following are the modifications done to the car:

Perrin Panel Filter

That is it.  That is the only thing the car had on it was just the Panel filter.  This gain was made in just tuning which is pretty fantastic.

Anyways I have gotten to Stage 2 maps so I can now do the Stage 1 & 2 for the 2008 STI so if anyone is interested please let me know.

Thanks for reading,

Dont we all....

Dont we all....

Mitch Mckee

Pigeon Jon AKA Fast Freddy Five Fingers


I’m Back From My Hiatus in the Bahamas

Well, I’m back after seven month’s in the Bahamas. So I’m sorry I haven’t had a chance to keep in touch with everyone, I was pretty much cut off from the real world for half a year. While I was down there I was an engineer on a set of three 65′ sailing sloops which were purpose built for SCUBA diving. We strictly did SCUBA diving charters for a week at a time around Grand Bahama, Bimini, Andros, Gingerbread Grounds, as well as the Berry Islands.

Morning Star – One of the boats I have worked on

North Bimini


The Sapona

So that is what I have been doing for the last few months, but now I am back up in Colorado getting back to school but more importantly VE Engineering. We will be doing more testing and tuning in the next few weeks so keep a keen eye out and we’ll keep you updated on Mitch and I’s daily grind.

As always thanks for reading,